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Margaret Sinclair.

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 “Margaret Sinclair:
An Ordinary Girl.

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This is the true story of an ordinary girl who becomes a holy woman.

Margaret Sinclair, a Scottish working class girl, living in 1920's Edinburgh abandons
a life of security to follow God’s calling.

She dedicates her life to helping others even whilst she herself
experiences unemployment, family trials and poverty.

Margaret’s cheerful spirit is loved by all, especially Patrick Lynch
who desires to make her his wife, offering her financial stability.

Margaret, however, does not share his feelings.

Instead she feels drawn to a deeper life in faith and wants to live in solidarity with the poor.

She abandons the lure of material possessions and decides to become a
Poor Clare Extern Sister for:

"If I could only save one soul, it would be worth it all!”
Venerable Margaret Sinclair.

Margaret Sinclair:
An Ordinary Girl. Synopsis.

Venerable Margaret Sinclair's Parish Church. St. Patrick's.

Poor Clare Convent in Notting Hill. They are now in Arkley.

Extern Chaple. Poor Clare Convent in Notting Hill.

Shrine of Venerable Margaret Sinclair. St. Patrick's.