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Margaret Sinclair.

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 “Margaret Sinclair:
An Ordinary Girl.

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Margaret Sinclair. Thomas J. Agius, S.J.  

A.M.D.G. The Virtues Of Margaret Sinclair.  

Praeciarus ille fioscius.  

“That radiant little flower,” H.H. Pius XI.  

The Virtues Of Margaret Sinclair By Secretary,

Scottish National Margaret Sinclair Committee.  

Letter Of His Holiness Pope Pius XI.

Secretariat Of State Of His Holiness Peter Cardinal Gasparri.  

Canonical Process Of Beatification.  

Canticle Of Canticles.  

The Handmaids Of The Blessed Sacrament Certificate.  

Favourite Passages From “The Imitation Of Christ.”  

Beatification And Canonisation Of The Servant Of God

Mary Francis Of The Five Wounds (Sinclair) Poor Clare Colettine (Extern).  

Articles For The Setting Up Of The Apostolic Process Concerning

The Virtues And Miracles Of The Aforementioned Servant Of God.  

The Lourdes Grotto, Carfin, Lanarkshire. Postcard To Mrs J. Sinclair From Margaret Sinclair.  

Letter Dear Friend – Mary Campbell From Margaret Sinclair.  

Letter Margaret Sinclair By Sr. Joseph Burd  

Sr. Joseph Benedict. Reminiscences Of Margaret Sinclair

By A Sister Of Charity Of St. Vincent De Paul.  

Margaret Sinclair, H.B.S. By Rev. John McQuillan, D.D.  

Letter To Rev Father. Thomas Agius From Bella Sinclair Cecilia De St. Veronique.  

Letter To Mrs Sinclair From Sr. Joseph Sister Of Charity.  

Letter To Mother Abbess To Sr. Helen Sister Of Charity.  

Letter To Mrs McCabe Sr. Joseph Sister  Of Charity.  

A Saintly Scottish Working Girl Margaret Sinclair By Frances McBride Home Topics.

Margaret Sinclair By Barbara McLeod.  

Newspaper Scottish Nun, Californian’s Sister, Is Proposed For Beatification.  

Newspaper Margaret Sinclair Continued From Page One.  

Newspaper Margaret Sinclair (1900-1925) Holy Poor Colettine.  

Her Irish Origin. Nun Tells New Facts About Her. By Margaret Gibbons.  

Letter Dear And Rev. Monsignor Taylor By Sr. St. Margaret C.P. Of Jesus Crucified.  

Diocese Feature By Tony Galcius From Sanatorium To Nursing Home.  

For The Beautification Of Margaret Sinclair.  

Novena Prayer.  

A Child’s Prayer.  

Called By The Lord Sisters Of Clare Of Assisi (Poor Clares).  

Clare Of Assisi Clare, Model And Mirror.  

Venerable Margaret Sinclair – Our Own Sr. Mary Francis Of The Five Wounds.

Arkley Annals: January 1st 1915 To June 4th 1925. Extracts Referring To Margaret.  

Sr. Mary Francis. Invitation – Poor Clares.  

The Spirit Of Margaret Sinclair.  

Margaret Sinclair.  

Letter To Mother Abbess From Sister Mary Francis.  

A Saint In The Parish (St. Patrick’s, Edinburgh. 2006).  

Letter To Mother Abbess From Sister Joseph Burd Sister Of Charity.  

Letter To Mother Abbess From Sister Mary Francis.  

Letter To Margaret Sinclair From Andrew Sinclair.  

Letter To Mrs Sinclair From Bella Sinclair Cecilia De St. Veronique.  

Sr. Gerard’s Account Of Margaret Sinclair.  

Letter To Mother Abbess Written By A Poor Clare At Mother Abbess’ Request.  

A Pilgrimage To Margaret’s Home.  

Thoughts Of Margaret.  

The Venerable Margaret Sinclair.  

Monastery Of The Poor Clares, Arkley. 70th Anniversary Of Profession

Of Venerable Margaret Sinclair.  

Homily Preached By Archbishop Keith Patrick O’Brien.  

Poor Clare Monastery, Arkley, Herts.  

The Friends Of The Venerable Margaret Sinclair.

Issue No. 5. 2/2007. No. 6. 7/2007. Spring 2011.  

The Manner of receiving the Poor Sister of St. Clare to Clothing and Ceremonies of their Professing in the Religious Order.

Margaret Sinclair:
An Ordinary Girl. Sources.

Extern Garden. Poor Clare Convent in Notting Hill.

Shrine of Venerable Margaret Sinclair.
Poor Clare Convent in Arkley.

St. Mary's Cathedral.

Shrine of Venerable Margaret Sinclair in Warley.