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Margaret Sinclair.

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(Diary, 1567, 1588, 1605) "Today," Jesus Christ tells Sister Maria Faustina, "I am sending you with My mercy to the people of the whole world. I do not want to punish aching mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to My merciful Heart".  

You are the secretary of My mercy; I have chosen you for that office in this and the next life"  ... "to make known to souls the great mercy that I have for them, and to exhort them to trust in the bottomless depth of My mercy".

Monsignor Henry Posluszny imparts his knowledge about Sister Maria Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

(Diary, Introduction) Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, known today the world over as the "Apostle of The Divine Mercy," is numbered by theologians among the outstanding mystics of the Church.

She was the third of ten children born into a poor and pious peasant family in Glogowiec, a village in the heart of Poland. At her baptism in the nearby Parish Church of Swinice Warckie she was given the name "Helena."

From childhood she distinguished herself by her piety, love of prayer, industriousness and obedience as well as by her great sensitivity to human misery.

She had hardly three years of schooling, and at the age of fourteen she left the family hearth to help her parents and to earn her own livelihood serving as a domestic in the nearby cities of Aleksandrow and Lodz. When she was only seven (two years before her First Holy Communion), Helen already sensed in her soul the call to embrace the religious life.

(Diary, 47, 48) 22 February 1931. SISTER FAUSTINA In the evening, when I was in my cell, I saw the Lord Jesus clothed in a white garment. One hand [was] raised in the gesture of blessing, the other was touching the garment at the breast.

From beneath the garment, slightly drawn aside at the breast, there were emanating two large rays, one red, the other pale. In silence I kept my gaze fixed on the Lord; my soul was struck with awe, but also with great joy. After a while, Jesus said to me,

OUR LORD JESUS Paint an image according to the pattern you see, with the signature: Jesus, I trust in You.

I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and [then] throughout the world. I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish.

I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend it as My own glory.

(Diary, 299, 300, 301) FATHER MICHAL SOPOCKO Ask the Lord Jesus, the meaning of the two rays in the image.

SISTER FAUSTINA Very well, I will ask the Lord. During prayer I heard these words within me:

OUR LORD JESUS The two rays denote Blood and Water.

The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous.

The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls...

These two rays issued forth from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross. These rays shield souls from the wrath of My Father. Happy is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him.

I desire that the first Sunday after Easter be the Feast of Mercy.

Ask of my faithful servant [Father Sopocko], that on this day, he tell the whole world of My great mercy; that whoever approaches the Fount of Life on this day will be granted complete remission of sins and punishment.

Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy.

Oh, how much I am hurt by a soul's distrust!

Such a soul professes that I am Holy and Just, but does not believe that I am Mercy and does not trust in My Goodness. Even the devils glorify My Justice but do not believe in My Goodness.

My Heart rejoices in this title of Mercy.

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hands are crowned with mercy.

Diary Of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy In My Soul.

Divine Mercy Part 1.